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Sumner County Fair
Charity Fundraiser

Here you can find all rules, applications, and the official fair book. 

If you need further information, feel free to contact us.

August 3-6, 2023

We are still looking for a charity event sponsor for this year.  If you are interested please contact us @

Sumner County Economic Development



Across the state of Kansas, we are losing friends, family, precious people in our lives and our
communities. And we are choosing the loss by choosing to drive impaired. Every time we decide we
are “good enough” to drive, we decide to play Russian roulette with our lives and whoever else might
be on the road.
In Kansas, 109 people were killed in impaired driving crashes in 2021. At the DUI Victims Center
of Kansas, we wait with heavy hearts for the 2022 data. We know that these are more than just
numbers. We have met their parents, their children, their spouses. We know that 1 of the 109 in 2021
was 19-year-old Clayton Patterson. He was killed by a 4 th time offender. And in 2022, 19-year-old
Kaitlin Greenman was hit and killed by an impaired driver as she rendered aid to someone injured in
another crash.
The DUI Victims Center of Kansas was started in 1986 after Mary Ann Khoury’s best friend and
unborn child were killed by an impaired driver. Unfortunately, since then there have been many more
families and individuals whose lives have been changed forever by impaired driving. Our mission is to
be a long-term support to victims and survivors of DUI crashes, and to do work in the community to
prevent future DUIs.
The support we provide for injury and fatality victims ranges from paying for counseling and
medical equipment, to walking alongside families through the court process. Many of the victims and
survivors we serve have suffered catastrophic physical, financial, and emotional damages. They have
lost the ability to walk, to drive, to provide for their families, to have children. The ripple effect of each
of these crashes reaches far into the future.
But we also believe that education, prevention, and having honest conversations can improve
driving outcomes for ours and for future generations. Your support helps us reach more minds, save
more lives, and support those who are victims of this devastating, preventable injustice.
Driving sober is a badge of honor. It is one choice we can make every day that makes us heroes,
and not villains in someone else’s story. We ask that you decide that 1 impaired driving death is too
many, and Decide to Drive Sober with the DUI Victims Center of Kansas. We are grateful to be a part
of the Sumner County Fair this year with ‘warped cornhole,’ awareness and memorial items, and
delicious mocktails for the Designated Driving Heroes!
Because friends don’t let friends drive impaired. And neighbors support neighbors who drive
In 2022, our prevention education reached 2,500 people across the state. We provided advocacy and
support services to over 30 individuals and families. We partnered with over 20 organizations and
services to meet the needs of DUI crash victims and survivors. We honored the lives of over 500
victims and survivors at our Annual Candlelight Vigil. We traveled over 300 miles to deliver ribbons
and magnets with KS DUI crash victims names to 35 police departments across the state. We are a
small and mighty team that cares deeply about Kansas communities and the families we serve. And
with your help, the impact of this lifesaving work will grow. We appreciate the Board of Directors of

the Sumner County Fair for choosing the DUI Victims Center as the awareness project this year. We
hope you will come see us at the fair and pledge to be Hero!

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