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Sumner County Fair
Charity Fundraiser

Here you can find all rules, applications, and the official fair book. 

If you need further information, feel free to contact us.

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August 3-6, 2023

We are still looking for a charity event sponsor for this year.  If you are interested please contact us @

Sumner County Economic Development

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Every year the Sumner County Fair picks a different charity for money to be raised to help with.  This year the Sumner County Fair Association board has chosen the "American Foundation for Suicide Prevention" for the service fundraising project at the 96th Sumner County Fair to be held Aug. -7, 2022 in Caldwell. 


Friday night for the program will be Gus Burns Music along with a Zephyr Beverage Center throughout the night will be enjoyed. 


Raffle items will be raffled off after Cowboy church on Sunday morning with the proceeds going to ASFP.  


For more information please check out this website as well.



  • Traeger 575 Pro

  • Brisas  by Zephyr

  • $25 gift card to Pekarna & box of cookies

  • Unique Design basket

  • 25 pounds of Strnad Land & Cattle Hamburger

  • $200 Visa Gift card from KanOkla 

  • 2-$25 Elevate Gift Cards

  • Tens Unit from Knapic Chiropractic

  • Family Game Basket from Sumner County Economic Development

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